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Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to tissue damage.  But despite your body’s healing efforts, inflammation can be unsightly and painful.  This can be especially true in sensitive or frequently used areas like the face and joints.    Much to the dismay of the pharmaceutical industry’s best efforts, many patients are still seeking out natural… Continue Reading

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Are you worried that you may experience bruising after plastic surgery?  If so, your surgeon or a friend may have recommended that you take Arnica Montana as a natural bruise treatment.   This brief article provides you with information on this natural remedy along with guidelines on how to select the Arnica Montana formulation that… Continue Reading

In short, there is no cure for cellulite.  But there is certainly no shortage of magic potions and procedures claiming to banish cellulite using the latest miracle ingredient or technology.  The variety of options include cellulite creams and cellulite treatments that involve massage and wraps and mesotherapy.   In our series of articles on cellulite,… Continue Reading