7 Ways to Be More Optimistic View More

They say you can do anything with the right attitude, but what if we told you that includes improving your cardiovascular health and increasing your longevity?   That’s what a new study suggests.   After studying eight years’ worth of data on about 70,000 women, Harvard researchers found that the most optimistic individuals were much… Continue Reading

February is American Heart Month View More

February is when we think of matters of the heart – heart disease, that is.  It’s American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association wants to remind us that cardiovascular disease remains the single greatest cause of death for both men and women in the U.S.   “Researchers found that long-term omega-3 consumption was associated… Continue Reading

Are You Fit for Surgery? View More

Are you ready for your upcoming surgery?  Have you done everything you can to help with your recovery?  Or are your habits sabotaging your chances at getting the best results?   Hospitals across the country are adopting surgery fitness programs for their surgical patients.  The goal?  To improve a patient’s health before surgery and minimize… Continue Reading

Fight Inflammation from P. Acnes View More

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are blessed with perfect skin while you have to suffer through acne breakouts, science just got a little bit closer to finding the answer.   A new study identified a previously unknown way in which bacteria trigger acne inflammation.   Researchers found that P. acnes, a usually harmless… Continue Reading