How to Reverse Aging - HIIT View More

Everyone’s looking for the best way to reverse aging, trying everything from creams to lasers and even growth hormone injections.    But aging is a natural process, and the most effective way to turn back the clock may not necessarily be something you have done but rather something you do.   “High intensity interval training… Continue Reading

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Using probiotics to combat acne and other inflammatory skin conditions is a recent treatment trend.  But, while we know that taking a probiotic supplement can be effective, what about putting it directly on the skin?    Good news – recent discoveries are making that option look ever more promising.   The latest study showed that… Continue Reading

How to Read a Nutrition Label - 3 Must Knows View More

Calorie counts and nutrition facts have been popping up at more and more places over the years, but have you been making use of them?  Are you finding yourself making healthier choices based on this newly available information?   A little-known provision of the Affordable Care Act, which could disappear if the health care act… Continue Reading