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Acne and other inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are influenced by a number of factors including diet and other lifestyle choices. Dealing with acne can be painful, frustrating and even debilitating. However, don’t lose hope! By finding the right balance of diet, lifestyle, nutrition and treatment, you can manage this condition and have… Continue Reading

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There’s no denying that first impressions matter. And what’s that “first” in first impressions? Your face! It’s the first thing that people see when you walk into a room.   But when you have acne, it’s easy to feel insecure and even hopeless about your skin. From adolescence to adulthood, acne can have a profound… Continue Reading

Topicals: The Best Probiotics for Acne? View More

Using probiotics to combat acne and other inflammatory skin conditions is a recent treatment trend.  But, while we know that taking a probiotic supplement can be effective, what about putting it directly on the skin?    Good news – recent discoveries are making that option look ever more promising.   The latest study showed that… Continue Reading

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If you’ve ever wondered why some people are blessed with perfect skin while you have to suffer through acne breakouts, science just got a little bit closer to finding the answer.   A new study identified a previously unknown way in which bacteria trigger acne inflammation.   Researchers found that P. acnes, a usually harmless… Continue Reading