Weightlifting With Lighter Weights Works View More

Impressive strength and muscles means lifting impressively heavy weights…or does it?   Traditionally, weight training involves lifting the maximum weight you can and then lifting 80-90% of that weight in eight to 10 repetitions until your limbs tremble from exhaustion.  The theory is that this stimulates a surge in testosterone and human growth hormone, leading… Continue Reading

Reducing Your Risk for Breast Cancer View More

You may be surprised to learn that nearly one-third of cancer deaths are attributed to diet and lifestyle. Clearly, how you live your life will have an impact on your health.   In regards to breast cancer, many of the dietary and lifestyle changes that provide a protective benefit are associated with reducing lifetime exposure… Continue Reading

Diet or Exercise for Weight Loss View More

Yvette La-Garde Director of Education, VitaMedica   It was hard not to miss the barrage of articles this past week including one in the New York Times critiquing Coca-Cola’s solution to the obesity crisis: get more exercise and focus less on cutting calories. Really?   Coke, like so many other food and beverage marketers, is… Continue Reading

Avoid Losing Muscle Mass with These Tips View More

A busy schedule, a vacation, or an injury can interrupt your workout routine, but have you thought about the long-term effects of a brief break? If you’re like most people, probably not. You can always hop back on, right? Unfortunately, it seems that even a short interruption can make you lose both muscle strength and… Continue Reading

High Heeled Shoes and Foot Health View More

Feeling fashion-forward, standing taller, longer looking legs, and that sexy strut – there are plenty of reasons high heels are as popular as they are. But as any woman who has ended the night barefoot and heels-in-hand knows, they can be uncomfortable and downright painful at times. Unfortunately, it appears high heel-related injuries are on… Continue Reading