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(Cucumis melo) Although it’s the most popular melon in the United States, cantaloupe as we know it is not really a cantaloupe at all it is a muskmelon.   True cantaloupes are primarily grown in France and are rarely found stateside. The variety most Americans enjoy is a hybrid between muskmelons and cantaloupes and exhibits… Continue Reading

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(Spinacia oleracea)   Spinach is one of the most popular leaf vegetables in the United States. A member of the same family as Swiss chard and beets, spinach shares the same taste profile – mildly sweet flavor when raw and a slightly salty, bitter flavor when cooked.   Spinach is native to an area near… Continue Reading

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(Capsicum annuum)   Sweet peppers, also known as bell peppers, are members of the nightshade family, which also includes potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. It’s easy to see why sweet peppers acquired the nickname “bell” – their lobed shape is quite reminiscent.   Sweet peppers can be traced back thousands of years to their wild origins… Continue Reading

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(Carica Papaya)   Reputably referred to by Christopher Columbus as the “fruit of the angels”, papayas have long been revered for their sweet, musky taste and ample health benefits.   Papayas are spherical fruits with a buttery flesh, similar to that of a soft melon. Papaya skin ranges in color from green–orange to red–yellow.  The… Continue Reading

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(Brassica oleracea)   Kale is a peppery, mellow flavored form of cabbage with central leaves that do not form a head. Kale descends from wild cabbage that originated in Asia Minor and is considered to be closer in taste and form to its ancient ancestor than any other type of domesticated cabbage.   Known for… Continue Reading

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(Ipomoea batatas) Sweet potatoes are members of the morning glory family.  The name is misleading because sweet potatoes are not related to potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are engorged storage roots whereas potatoes are tubers or underground stems of a plant.  When a potato has an “eye” or bud a new plant can be grown.  Since sweet… Continue Reading

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(Prunus armeniaca)   Also known as the “Armenium plum”, the deeply colored orange apricot is one of the first signs of summer. Similar to peaches, apricots are covered in a velvety skin.  And, like plums, apricots are very sweet and tangy in taste.   History Originally from China, apricots have been cultivated for over 4,000… Continue Reading