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Healthy Travel Tips

7 Tips for Healthy Travel

With summer upon us, it seems that everyone is planning a vacation with family or friends. And there’s no doubt that the best thing about being on vacation is the opportunity to relax, indulge in great food and enjoy tropical cocktails under the stars. But how can you manage to have a blast without completely derailing your healthy lifestyle? We’ve provided 7 tips help you stay on track while on the road.

1. Be prepared to get moving.

When packing, be sure to include workout clothes and tennis shoes. Having your gear with you will encourage you to stay active. Toss in lightweight resistance bands or a jump rope to help you stick to your routine without taking up precious suitcase space. If you’re headed to a tropical locale, move your workout outdoors and enjoy the scenery - but don’t forget the sunscreen!

2. Follow your doctor’s orders.

Since you can’t always depend on your travel destination to provide access to well-stocked drugstores or pharmacies, being prepared with medications and supplements will ensure that you won’t have to go a day without. Check to see if your favorite supplement brand offers sample packs or travel containers for added convenience. VitaMedica offers the Anti-Aging Formula and Clear Skin Formula in convenient daily packets, ideal for travelers.

3. Snack smart for an energy boost.

It’s no secret that the junk food displays in gas stations and airports are tempting. But having a piece of fruit or handful of raw nuts in your car or carry-on can help boost energy levels as well as curb your appetite until mealtime. Or, grab a packet of LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix for a satiating blend of 18g whey protein and 8g prebiotic fiber that's not only tasty but also full of nutrients. And, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and prevent feeling bloated.

4. Immerse yourself in the food culture.

Whether you’re crossing state lines or traveling internationally, eating healthful foods during your trip can be challenging. Do some research to find out which fruits and vegetables are native to the region you will be visiting and what produce is in season. Save money and calories by visiting local farmers markets and picking out fresh fare for breakfast and lunch. Just like the locals!

5. Have fun burning calories.

Do your homework to find hiking trails, parks or historical sites in your destination area that may be of interest to you. Know where you’re going ahead of time and set out to see everything on bike or foot. If you’re staying at a resort or taking a cruise, get a guide or take a lesson doing something you’ve never done before. You can burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour learning to surf or kayak. If you’re planning on visiting a national park this summer, check out the US Forest Service’s website. You can find maps, passes & permits, programs and travel advisories by state.

6. Stay stress free.

Keeping stress at bay during your vacation will ensure that you come back completely refreshed and rejuvenated. If you leave early and allow plenty of time for travel, you won’t be stressed standing in the endless airport security lines or stopping at that quirky roadside market. Also, remember not to over-plan and keep obligations to a minimum. Trying to keep a schedule and running from one location to the next is likely to add unnecessary stress to your day. In other words, know what fun-filled options you have and go with the flow.

7. No work allowed.

It’s important to leave your work at work. This is your vacation and you earned it! Don’t ruin it by spending your time glued to your phone or laptop. Tie up loose ends at work before you leave, don’t pack your laptop and lock your iPhone in the hotel safe, if necessary. If you absolutely have to check in with the office, do it on your terms. Set aside one hour of the day for work-related tasks and limit yourself to that time only.

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