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  • Got Acne - Avoid Drinking This

    Got Acne? Avoid Drinking This

    By Yvette La-Garde

    Milk might do your body good, but how good is it for your skin? Not very if you’re prone to acne, apparently. New research finds that dairy, especially the low-fat...

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  • Milk and Cookies

    Cutting Empty Carbs and Dairy Key for Clear Skin

    By Shopify API

    Acne is often characterized as an adolescent affliction, but it affects both adolescents and adults, well into the 20s and beyond. And spotty skin is not only hard to cover...

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  • Is Low-Fat Dairy Healthy?

    Is Low-Fat Dairy a Misnomer?


    The American Dairy Association recommends three servings of dairy a day for stronger bones and healthy weight loss. Dairy products naturally contain many essential nutrients needed for good health such...

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