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  • Colorful natural healing ingredients for wellness on a table in bright light

    Top 10 Natural Healing Ingredients

    By Ashley Collier

    From the turmeric fields of India to the pineapple orchards of Indonesia, here are 10 of our planet’s most powerful natural wellness ingredients, and how to harness their benefits.

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  • Prevent Bruising from Botox & Fillers

    How to Prevent Bruising After Botox & Fillers

    By Shopify API

    Have you received Botox or Juvederm and experienced bruising after the treatment? Or, are you scheduled for Radiesse or Sculptra and worried that you might bruise after these dermal fillers?...

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  • Speedy Recovery After Surgery

    14 Tips for a Rapid Recovery

    By Shopify API

    Whether you’re planning on having a small, elective procedure or something more comprehensive, recovery after surgery is probably a concern. The good news is that the steps you take now...

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