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Surgery Healing

New Beauty Feature: Plastic Surgeons On Post-Op Supplements


As this New Beauty article on cosmetic treatments explains, "With any cosmetic procedure that involves surgery, there is bound to be a recovery time. It could be a few days or a few weeks." We know all too well in speaking with thousands of customers over the years that the prospect of an uncomfortable and potentially lengthy surgery recovery process - with its inevitable pain, bruising, swelling, and downtime - can be incredibly daunting.

The author goes on to say, "While taking some time to recoup after the procedure is necessary, there are ways to speed up the healing time. 'It is the swelling and bruising that can lengthen the healing time and delay getting back to regular activities and work,' says Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon Jill L. Hessler, MD. After getting the go-ahead from your surgeon, stock up on these supplements ahead of your next surgery to speed up your recovery post-op."

Which of our clinically proven formulas top New Beauty's list for faster post-op recovery? Read on to find out!


“'We like patients to take this for a few days before and a few days after surgery,' explains Dr.

Quercetin and Bromelain

"Quercetin plays well with others and is often coupled with arnica. Dr. Mahabir also suggests pairing quercetin with bromelain. 'One of the best options to minimize swelling and inflammation after surgery is bromelain combined with quercetin,' he says, explaining quercetin is an antioxidant bioflavonoid. 'This synergistic (1+1=3) combination helps to balance the natural inflammatory response.'”

Regarding bromelain, the article had this to say: "It’s 'an anti-inflammatory extracted from the stem of the pineapple,' explains Dr. Mahabir. Since it’s often paired with arnica, Dr. Hessler suggests the VitaMedica Arnica + Bromelain Blister Pack, which includes both."

Certain Vitamins & Minerals

While some nutrients like vitamin E should be avoided around the time of surgery, others are absolutely critical to help support your body's natural healing process. As the article points out, "According to Houston plastic surgeon Henry Mentz, MD, 'Sometimes, a pre-op diet will impact bruising. For example, a patient who loves tomatoes or takes fish oil will have more intense bruising. Patients who prepare with green vegetables like kale and spinach, which are heavy in vitamin K, will have less bruising.'”

That's where we come in. Our innovative and unique multi-vitamin & mineral blend for the peri-operative period (featured in our Clinical Support Program and Recovery Support Program) was designed by board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. David Rahm specifically to address this delicate nutritional balance.

The article concludes, "If you want to have a one-stop shop experience with your pre and post-op supplement regimen, Dr. Mentz recommends VitaMedica Recovery Support Program. 'This comprehensive set has morning and night vitamins that are safe for anesthesia and encourage healing. The pre-op set comes with bromelain, quercetin and arnica montana, which all reduce bruising,' he says. 'The antioxidants and vitamin B within the pill deactivate free radicals and improve energy for healing without interfering with anesthesia medicines while the night vitamins promote rest.'”


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